El Cuarteto Ébène interpreta a Haydn y Mendelssohn – El Calidore String Quartet interpreta a Nesbit

Verbier Festival 2013

At the Verbier Festival, the Ebene quartet performs works by Haydn and Mendelssohn. It is joined by the Calidore String Quartet that performs the premiere of a work by Edward Nesbit.

The Ebene Quartet has been recognized since 2008 as an eminent chamber ensemble: renowned for their ability to mix several genres, its musicians have been acclaimed as much in their performances of masterworks in the classical repertoire as in the way they perform jazz music. Invited in prestigious concert halls (Carnegie Hall in New York and Wigmore Hall in London), the quartet won in particular a Victoire de la musique classique in 2010.

The Ebene Quartet first performs one of the most popular works Haydn composed in 1797, in a period when he acquired a great musical maturity. The String quartet in C major named "The Emperor" might be one of the quartet which has the most symphonic shape among the 68 string quartets he composed. Between lightness and dignity, this quartet seems like a joyful dialog between the instruments, a subtlelty created in particular by the counterpoints the composer developed in it.

Then, one of the most promising quartets of its generation, the young Calidore String Quartet, created in 2010, appears in the premiere of a contemporary work by Edward Nesbit, awarded in particular the first Verbier Festival Academy Composer Prize. Night Dances plunges us at the heart of an astonishing atmosphere, marked by several tempo modulations, Minor tones and "musical tensions" that perfectly reflect the virtuosity of the quartet's musicians.

Finally, Mendelssohn will be highlighted through two works at the end of the concert. Among the seven quartets he would have published, he composed this first String quartet in A Minor, op.13 aged only 18, during the autumn 1827. The music intensity and the lyrism that characterize this quartet reflect the cry of the young Mendelssohn after the death of his idol Beethoven during the spring. With his Octet in E-flat Major, Op. 20, we date back more far in Mendelssohn's lively and passionate youth: he offers us a dazzling score, almost invigorating, brilliantly performed in unison by the Ebene and the Calidore String quartets.

Picture: © Julien Mignot

The Ébène Quartet appears courtesy of Erato/Warner Classics.


Ébène Quartet
Calidore String Quartet

Realizador : Bettina Ehrhardt

Duración : 01 h 23 min
Lugar : Iglesia de Verbier (Verbier, Suiza)
Fecha de producción : 2013
Producción : Idéale Audience - MUSEEC/medici.tv
Versión(es) disponible(s) : FR

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